Yup been there. Done that. Either you are just starting your journey and trying to figure out what the heck ISO, Aperture, and Shutter mean and have no clue what lightroom is. Or maybe you’ve got the basics down and want to work more on how to reach your ideal clients, posing, connecting with clients to enhance their experience, editing, creating a brand, bottom line you need some help.

 When I started out I spent months diving deep into google, youtube, free resources from photographers to find information but you eventually get to the point where you just wish you had someone you could ask all your questions to and help guide you in your business. That’s when it’s time to look into a mentorship. This is a one on one experience where you get to pick my brain on everything I know and I promise to keep it real.

Overwhelmed? Drowning? Pulling all your hair out?

If you want to uplevel your business and become the Boss Babe you are destined to be. Then WHAT are you waiting for!!??

We will spend 2-3 hours together at a coffee shop or somewhere nice and quiet while you get your burning questions answered. Get your pen and paper ready because we will be covering A LOT! Here’s the deets:

-Attracting Ideal clients
-Client Experience

*Not local? No problem we can have a skype date (;

Friends Mentorship $200

We will spend 3-4 hours together going over everything listed above ANDDDD we will do a couples session together. Yup, you read that right. You will get to have a hands-on experience with me to see how I interact with my couples, prompt them, and direct my sessions. Then I’ll hand over the reins to you letting you apply that knowledge right away to your own session. Once we finish the couples session we aren’t done yet! Surprise it’s your turn to jump in front of the camera to get some new content photos for your business. Afterward, we can edit the photos from the couple’s session together and go over any lingering questions you may have.

Best Friends Mentorship $400

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