Let me serve you by giving you an unforgettable experience. If you can be vulnerable it will help me tell your story naturally and authentically. So if you like adventure, wind-blown hair, getting your feet a little dirty, laughing till your belly hurts, and having a good time then I’m your girl. Let’s make some magic together.

That’s why photographs matter so much, not just pretty ones but ones that have emotion and truly represent who you are. 

Growing up I remember flipping through huge photo albums at my grandparent's house. I would turn to the first page and start pointing at pictures asking who is this or what are they doing? I’d look up at my Poppi and his eyes would light up while a huge smile spread across his face as he told me the story behind every photo. There are over 50 years of love, laughter, and tears in those albums and eventually, that will be all that’s left to show their story. 

Photographs are windows into the past.

This can be for an engagement, anniversary, or just because you are madly in love and want some kick-butt photos! I like to think of my adventure sessions as an epic date night that I third wheel on! We can go to the beach, go on a hike, eat pizza, drink wine, cuddle the dogs, whatever makes your heart happy.

starting at $300 for 1 hour

Adventure Sessions

When you think about your wedding day what do you imagine? Is it just you two atop a mountain declaring your vows as the sun peaks up above the horizon, or do you envision you two, a few of your closest friends and family out on a cliff or beach as the ocean breeze blows through your hair, or maybe just maybe you want something a little bigger than that in your own backyard or at a venue but still want to have an intimate experience. There is no wrong answer, however you choose to celebrate should be a reflection or you two and your love. That's what so amazing about documenting elopements and weddings, I never capture the same love story twice. If you want someone who is truly invested in capturing your love story authentically then I am your girl. Let's make some magic!

Elopements starting at $2000  Weddings starting at $3,000

Elopements & Weddings

"Destiny is an absolutely amazing photographer! My husband and I were over the moon about our elopement pictures. Destiny went above and beyond to capture every pose we wanted. She is truly a natural behind the camera. Our entire session was filled with nothing but fun and laughter. Destiny even drove over 2 hours to capture our special day! My husband and I are so thankful she was able to capture our special moment; we will definitely be booking with her again! We cannot recommend Destiny enough!"

- Bianca + Will

"Destiny went above and beyond..."

I got into photography because I love capturing moments. Moments that you can’t script. So how do I capture these moments? Well, it isn’t because I have a nice camera or an expensive lens, it isn’t because I have been doing this for years, and it isn’t because all my couples are so outgoing, it’s actually much simpler than that: I become your friend. I get to know you and your love story. How you two met, how you proposed, what you like to do for fun, your favorite foods, things that bring you joy in life, and your dreams together. By getting to know you and your story it allows me to capture how those moments feel rather than just how they look. 

Those real moments are the ones where you laugh so hard you cry, that little moment you catch your love looking at you like you are the only one in the room, the moment you break out in crazy dance moves, the moment a tear sneaks down your cheek as your honey whispers why he loves you in your ear, these and so many more are the moments that truly matter. When you look back on these photos 10, 20 even 30 years down the road I want you to be flooded with feelings of love and happiness. If you just want somebody with a nice camera then I’m not the right photographer for you but if you want real, raw, and messy then let me give you an unforgettable experience and let’s make some memories together.

My Approach